Blaney Group

About Us

seanSean Blaney has built up a number of successful businesses headquartered from his family farm in Ahoghill, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. These are all engineering based companies, designed to bring synergy to the Blaney group. This has been an exciting journey for Sean and his team, filled with success but also big challenges where perseverance and determination to achieve long term goals and ambitions has seen them through. Sean has a sense of vibrancy about him and has an uncompromising drive to push himself and his team further to remain innovative and become a world class design and manufacturing business.

Today the Blaney Group consists of six brands, Blaney Motor, Blaney Agri, Quad-X, Load-X, Blaney Fabrications and Blaney Gears. You can read about the groups and visit their websites from the logos on the homepage.



As a group, Blaney are forward thinking and not afraid of a challenge. Their long term ambition is to become experts in their industry, in terms of design, development and manufacture. The aim within the Blaney Group is to build on their culture of innovation, staying one-step ahead of their customer needs.

Blaney have a unique combined synergy thanks to the expertise, knowledge and dedicated team they have built up over the years from all their engineering businesses. This cross pollination of skills, ideas and innovation gives Blaney great capabilities to face a future filled with opportunities.